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Daugiašalė prekybos sistema, Daugiašalė prekybos sistema


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    The Union attaches paramount importance to the functioning and progressive strengthening of the multilateral trading system. Though the need to understand the daugiašalė prekybos sistema implications of these agreements on the multilateral trading system is important, it is also important to assess the implications of these agreements on specific countries Article XXIV permits both regional and bilateral preferential trade agreements leading to the formation of customs unions and free trade areas, and seeks to integrate them in the multilateral trading system envisioned for the world Given these observations, the note suggests four elements of the multilateral trading system that preserve the system's integrity and ensure that the WTO passes its most significant stress test yet This paper discusses a number of questions that arise with respect to plurilateral agreements and argues that in light of the very low probability of new plurilateral agreements being accepted by WTO members the focus should be on the impact of preferential trade agreements and how these can be better accommodated daugiašalė prekybos sistema the multilateral trading system tarptautinė prekyba - core.

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    This is probably a blessing for a number of reasons, including the success of the multilateral trading system in bringing tariffs down over the years and the ensuing reduced trade diversionthe fact that modern PTAs deal with many non-trade issues as well for which no WTO disciplines existand the recent empirical literature suggesting overall positive welfare implications for those participating in similar schemes